Apple Pencil 1 Review

Apple Pencil 1 Review 2020: Still A Superb Purchase

Apple Pencil 1 Review


The Fancy
  • Extremely Accurate
  • Well Balanced Stylus
  • Easy Setup & Pairing
  • Super Reliable.
Not So Fancy
  • No Eraser
  • Easy To Lose Back Cap

It’s 5 years old, but this Apple Pencil 1 review is still worth the read.

With frequent technology releases, it’s tempting to cave and buy the latest model of phones, tablets, and accessories. However, if you’re thinking about grabbing yourself an Apple Pencil, you may want to think twice before you spend more money on the latest Apple Pencil 2.

Apple Pencil 1 is more than just a regular stylus that you can use for tapping or dragging. It’s a handy accessory that helps you create professional results on all kinds of applications. Even with newer product releases, Apple Pencil 1 is still an excellent choice in 2020.

To help you decide whether this 5-year-old pencil still has enough lead to see you into the future, check out our comprehensive Apple Pencil 1 review below. We’re delving into the design, functionality, performance and the not so fancy as we take this veteran Apple product for a test drive.

Apple Pencil 1 Review

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Once you open the box, aside from the Apple Pencil 1 itself, you’ll find an adapter that you can connect to a standard Apple lightning cable. This is only if there are problems connecting to the iPad directly. There is also an extra tip for replacement should you press too hard.

Overall, the Pencil’s design is classy, sleek, and straightforward. The surface is smooth with a uniform glossy white colour that’s similar to ceramic. A silver line exists on one end, which indicates where the removable cover is and the lightning jack (for pairing and charging). On the other end is the matte tip for drawing and writing that users can remove and replace when needed.

Unlike other brands, Apple aimed to give users the best and most realistic experience; that’s why they made the product look like an actual pencil. The Pencil is 6.92 inches long, 8.9 millimetres thick, and weighs 0.73 ounces. It’s round/circular and weighted at the back end.

Features & Specifications.

As for its features, as we said, this is more than just a glorified stylus pen. A product’s features make it more appealing to potential buyers; forming one of the primary reasons the Apple Pencil 1 still has an edge over close competitors such as the Wacom Bamboo Sketch and Hahakee iPad Stylus.

Here’s what you need to know about the features of the Apple Pencil 1:


When you attach the lightning jack/back end to your iPad, the Pencil immediately starts charging after connecting via Bluetooth. The good thing about this product is that you’ll soon be on your way to creating art. Typically, when you charge for 5 minutes, the Apple Pencil 1 delivers between 20-25% battery life. For a full charge, this takes around 30-35 minutes maximum.

Broad Compatibility

Unbeknownst to many, the Apple Pencil 1 can connect different generations of the iPad, not just the 6th. While it does only connect to the iPad, here are the following models you can use with the product:

  • (3rd Gen) iPad Air
  • (5th Gen) iPad Mini
  • (7th Gen) iPad
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st and 2nd generation)
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro (6th generation)

The product’s broad compatibility is one of its best strengths compared to other brands. In reality, whichever generation of Apple Pencil you use, it remains compatible with the majority of iPad models released.

Easy Pairing With Your iPad

Apple boasts of the easy and fast Bluetooth pairing of the Pencil. Upon attachment of the lightning jack, users don’t have to go to the Settings and pair the product manually. Within seconds, the iPad asks if you wish to connect the device, and everything gets settled in a single tap of a button.

This type of seamless setup is extremely typical of Apple. It would appear that everything Apple deploys comes with a touch of class. The Apple Pencil 1, despite being 5 years old still reeks of classiness.

Apple Pencil 1 Features


When you start using the Apple Pencil 1 in the Notes application, you will find that the matte tip plays a role in the strokes’ smoothness. Although it seems like a new “feel” at first, it is very realistic and highly likeable to real pens that you used to use. The tilt-sensitive feature makes it possible for users to create different strokes and thickness of the “ink.” This is a perfect tool for designers.

Additionally, users quickly become accustomed to the product’s “feel” and promptly use it as they would any other pen. Thanks to the iPad’s predictive algorithms (plus its 240-time screen scan per second), the Apple Pencil 1 creates a highly responsive stylus that betters the overall user experience.

In popular apps such as EvernoteSkitch, or Procreate, the Apple Pencil 1 works excellently in producing beautiful and precise outputs compared to most brands. Users get to edit and create detailed drawings or sketches or produce exquisite and aesthetically pleasing results when taking down notes.


After connecting the device via the lightning jack, you can leave it attached to the iPad if you wish to charge it. As mentioned earlier, you only need approximately 35 minutes to get a full charge, which delivers usage time of up to 12 hours. You can also check the product’s battery percentage by sliding your finger from the screen’s left side.

Once you do, you will see both the iPad and the Pencil’s battery percentage. Both elements give you a clear view of how much battery is left on the iPad that can charge your Pencil. This feature becomes useful for owners who want to measure the time and gauge how many minutes they’ll charge the Pencil.

Apple Pencil 1 Grips & Covers

Photo Credit @ The Gadgeteer


When it comes to storing pens, well, there isn’t really much to it. Just as you would store any pen, the Apple Pencil 1 is also very easy to put away.

However, owners should consider that the tip should be carefully handled so as not to damage the sensor. Should this be of concern to you, you can purchase slick covers online. Some sellers have versions that cover the whole pen, while others offer pieces exclusive for the tip alone or back end alone. Either way, it’s worthwhile spending a little more.

Similarly, with the cap, it is worth mentioning that this can be lost quite easily. As with all small items, handling with care should be at the top of your priority list. While losing the cap will not result with a dried-out pen, it’s pretty annoying and should be avoided at all costs.

Good Value?

As with all Apple products, quality is assured. If you want to stay safe and use a product that’s made by the most trusted and well-known brand, the Apple Pencil 1 is an excellent investment. In particular, if your line of work is on the creative side, with sketching or drawing, the Apple Pencil 1 will be your new best mate.

Additionally, the product is an excellent choice for individuals who want to start maximizing their iPads and use it to organize, jot down, and write notes.

The Pencil costs A$179.00, and you can order yours online from Apple. Alternatively, you can grab the Apple Pencil 1 for $179.00 on Amazon Compared to the Apple Pencil 2 (which costs A$219.00), you basically get the same features, results, weight and roundness of the product.

Apple Pencil 1 (iPad Pro Stylus Pen)

Photo Credit @ Apple Insider


No product is 100% perfect, and there are mild downsides noted when using the Apple Pencil 1. As mentioned earlier, the back end is a tad bit heavier than the tip used for drawing and writing. This feature may be hard for users who prefer holding the pen close to tip because of the unbalanced weight distribution. Holding the Pencil closer to the midpoint is better.

Another downside noted is the detachable magnetic back cap. While it’s designed to adequately cover the lightning jack from damages and dents, having to worry about where you can put the magnetic cap while charging can be a bit of a hassle. However, there are accessories such as silicone covers/holders that you can use to avoid misplacing the back cap.

Apple Pencil 1 Review Verdict.

The Apple Pencil 1 is just one of those gadgets that seems times. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to have a product that’s more than just a stylus. If you value several factors such as the lifespan, durability, ease of use, and compatibility, then this product is the best choice for you. The only problems you’ll encounter along the way are the weight distribution and the magnetic cap, which are manageable over time and with the right accessories.

Despite being 5 years old, the Apple Pencil 1 is still a masterful stylus pen. If you want an investment that lasts for years and a product that can instantly improve and maximize your tasks on the iPad, then the Apple Pencil 1 is a superb product, whatever year it is. Overall, we have graded this Apple Pencil 1 review an 87% just purely because it’s a little older now.

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