HP Envy 5030 Printer Review

HP Envy 5030 Printer Review: Simplistically Affordable Printing

HP Envy 5030 Printer Review


The Fancy
  • Unrivalled Price
  • Automatic Duplex Printing
  • Respectable Print Quality
  • Small Physical Footprint
Not So Fancy
  • A Little Sluggish
  • Weak Touchscreen
  • Missing Auto-Off Functions

Touted as one of the best inkjet printers money can purchase by TechRadar, the HP Envy 5030 Printer is a do-it-all inkjet printer with touchscreen convenience. While not the best at printing, nor the fastest or even with the most storage capacity, what is so special?

The price, of course.

For just $139.00 on Amazon, you can enjoy an all-singing, all-dancing inkjet printer delivered to your doorstep. If you can forego lighting speed and ‘luxury’ printing features, this simplistically beautiful printing unit is the perfect choice for you.

Find out why the HP Envy 5030 inkjet printer is making waves globally in this comprehensive HP Envy 5030 review. We’re exploring the design, the performance, the functionality and the not so fancy as we take HP’s cheapest all-in-one printer for a test drive.

HP Envy 5030 All-In-One Printer Touchscreen

Photo Credit @ iTest

Design & Touchscreen.

Weighing just 5.41kg, the HP Envy 5030 Wireless All-in-One Printer is a little package that’s packing. With a sleek white or black exterior taking very little space on the desk, the HP Envy 5030 can be stored within the narrowest of compartments.

Out of the box, the HP Envy 5030 inkjet printer is 445mm wide, 36.7mm deep and 128mm tall. When using the paper tray, the depth increase to 564mm – just shy of 2 standard rulers. So it’s true, this all-in-one printing device can pretty much fit anywhere in your home office.

On the front of the printer, you will find a touchscreen. This touchscreen controls all printing functions and is fairly reliable. Truthfully, it’s not the best touchscreen and needs a bit of a push. However, for the price, we were not expecting 5-wire resistive touch technology either.

Besides that, the HP Envy 5030 looks like a printer, smells like a printer and is a gadget that’s perfect when working from home or as a freelancer.

Print Speed.

For print speed, do not be expecting lightning-fast laser printing. As an inkjet printer, printing speed is typically slower as the focus is on better quality rather than volume. When printing mono, you are looking at around 10 pages per minute. For colour, seven pages per minute your ultimate maximum.

Both mono and colour printing is not exactly fast with the HP Envy 5030. However, it’s not exactly slow either. When your pages are loaded with information, the speed is even slower. Again, for the quality of print and the price you pay, a little compromise on speed is acceptable.

For anything industrial, this printer is not for you!

HP Envy 5030 Printer Review

Photo Credit @ Apple

Print Quality.

So, we have just touched on the quality vs the speed of the HP Envy 5030. In truth, we were positively surprised at the quality. When printing standard documents, most prints will deliver with around 1200 x 1200 DPI resolution in black and white.

However, for colour prints, you can expect up to 4800 x 1200 DPI.

The extended resolution of colour printing delivers superb detail and depth when printing photos. Today’s smartphones deliver much more clarity when taking photos. As such, a printer that can match when reproducing these photos is vital. The HP Envy 5030 All In One Printer is your match.

When it comes to ink and replacement ink for the HP Envy 5030 printer, things can get a little expensive. Inkjet printers are not renowned for their high page yield. In fact, when it comes to inkjet vs laser printers, this is the inkjet printers biggest downfall As such, be careful not to purchase this printer if you are looking to print in volume. To ensure high-quality printing, the HP 5030 uses the following types of ink cartridges.

  • Black HP 65 Ink Cartridge
  • Tri-Colour HP 65 Ink Cartridge
  • High-Yield Black HP 65XL Ink Cartridge
  • High-Yield Tri-Colour HP 65XL Ink Cartridge
  • HP 65 Black & Colour Ink Pack

To reduce your costs, it’s often wise to look for bundle packs or ink cartridge sales. You can find these every now again from all good Australia distributors.

To ensure you never run out of ink the HP 5030, of course, takes advantage of the HP Instant Ink program. The Instant Ink program works so long as your printer is connected to the Internet. When your printer cartridges are almost empty, the printer will send a message to HP and they will ship new cartridges directly to your door without you even worrying.

Paper & Media Handling.

With small home printing, you typically will only need to print with A4 paper. However, should you require paper or media with a little more pizazz, the HP 5030 has you covered. The HP Envy 5030 All-In-One Printer will print on:

  • Plain Paper.
  • HP Photo Papers & HP Matte Brochure Paper,
  • Matte Presentation Paper,
  • HP Glossy Brochure & Professional Paper,
  • Light/Recycled Paper or;
  • Envelopes & Cards.

The adjustable input paper tray has a capacity of up to 100 sheets; printing paper ranging from A4 down to A6. The output tray has a capacity of up 25 sheets. While 100 sheets may seem small, it’s quite a lot for a printer of this size and more than enough for the average household.

With printing economy, the HP Envy 5030 has another trick up its sleeve. With duplex or multi-page printing as standard, the HP Envy 5030 can become very economical. Simply select Automatic Duplex Printing on the control panel or the HP Smart App. The printer will then print on both sides of the paper in one smooth operation.

HP Envy 5030 Printer & Scanner

Photo Credit @ Officeworks

Scanning & Copying Functions.

As an all-in-one printer, the HP Envy 5030 also includes a flatbed scanner and copier. For scanning, the HP Envy 5030 will scan up to A4 single sheets or a bound book. The scanning resolution is up to 1200 pixels per inch. This comes at a scanning speed of around 3 pages per minute in colour or 7 pages per minute in black. Both speeds, although not lighting, are respectable when comparing similar printers in the market.

The HP Envy 5030 inkjet printer outputs the following file types when scanning:

  • PDF,
  • BMP,
  • PNG,
  • TIF or;
  • JPG file formats.

For copying, the HP Envy 5030 also makes use of the flatbed scanner. Instructions are entered through the touchscreen display panel or by using the HP Smart App on your phone. At a resolution of up to 600 x 300, the copier prints 8 pages per minute in black and 4 ppm in colour.


With any small family or home office, connectivity is a must. To be a truly versatile all-in-one printer, good connectivity is standard. With the HP Envy 5030 inkjet printer, the standard connection is a dual-band wireless connection. This means that the latest of devices can connect; as well as earlier devices.

There is also a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port towards the back of the device which allows for connection directly to your computer. All of these functions are centrally mounted with the 5.5cm monochrome touchscreen display. With the HP Smart App which is downloadable at no extra cost, you can enjoy added convenience. The App lets you control the printer and its functions remotely from your smartphone or tablet as well as making the setup easy and quick.

HP Envy 5030 All In One Printer Review

Energy Efficiency.

When writing this HP Envy 5030 printer review, we also took into account energy efficiency. After all, reducing our home energy consumption is vital for the environment. For the busy household, energy spikes during peak usage of electronic devices are frequent. However, the HP Envy 5030 all-in-one inkjet printer will not be on your naughty list anytime soon.

While you should always switch off your printer, the HP Envy 5030 inkjet printer uses just 0.89 watts of energy in sleep mode. When in full swing, 14W are needed during printing. In the ready state, 3.75 watts and when completely switched off only 0.11 watts are used.

Unfortunately, unlike other HP inkjet printers, the HP Envy 5030 all in one printer does not feature an auto-off mode. This is such a huge power saver for households with kids. Therefore, be sure to switch off at the plug when you are done. After all, 0.89 watts overtime when sleeping is still a lot.

Good Value?

Comparatively to printers of a similar price range, the HP Envy 5030 printer is of great value. Not many printers will deliver all-in-one functionality for this price-point. Additionally, the compact nature of the printer makes for a very good home buddy. Not to mention the high-quality photo printing which was not expected when we reviewed the HP Envy 5030.

Currently, you can purchase the HP Envy 5030 Printer for $139.00 on Amazon or at your nearest printing retail outlet.

Okay, so it has got some flaws, but overall it’s a worthy investment. In fact, the HP Envy 5030 printer is one of the most popular printers in the market. We are confident that you will not find a better value printer.

HP Envy 5030 All In One Printer Review

Photo Credit @ Currys PC World


Now for the not so nice features of this HP Envy 5030 printer review.

Firstly, we have already highlighted that the touchscreen is, well, meh. We really feel like HP could have done better here and made use of other technology. While the touchscreen itself is highly functional you really have to press the buttons. This gives the HP Envy 5030 a somewhat tacky feeling which could have been avoided with ease.

Secondly, for anybody printing rich media documents, the print out speed is slow. Like, really slow. When we discuss print speeds, these are for standard documents. However, when it comes to heavy-duty printing, the HP Envy 5030 inkjet printer struggled. We found it could take a few minutes for a print to complete. For most, this will not be a problem. However, we work at very high speeds and it was a little frustrating watching the 5030 during its attempt to process through the printed file.

HP Envy 5030 Review Verdict.

In summary, as a wireless multifunction printer which prints, scans, copies and connects to a PC, Smartphone or portable device wirelessly, you cannot go wrong for $139. Okay, so when writing this HP Envy 5030 review we couldn’t help but wish for a little more speed.

However, that price is just unquestionable.

For the average user, you never know when you might need all-in-one functionality. Therefore, should $139 be within your price range, the HP Envy 5030 inkjet printer is a great choice. Be mindful that it’s at the much cheaper end of all-in-one printers and you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, we have rated this HP Envy 5030 review 93%. It’s got some skill, it’s compact enough to fit anywhere and delivers all the basics. Not to mention it prints photos at surprisingly good quality and let’s give that price one more mention. It’s super cheap!

Content Disclaimer: This HP Envy 5030 Review is independently written. We have not been commissioned by HP, nor have we received any royalties for this article. This includes financial reimbursement, free advertising or the HP Envy 5030 printer by way of gift.

Should you click on any link to Amazon and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. But that’s just how we keep this website alive! Feel free to hit us up in the comments. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our HP Envy 5030 printer review.

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